Friday, August 28, 2009

Aspen shopping has it all

As you may know my partner-in-crime, Cheryl is in Aspen this week with her husband and their best friends. They're enjoying the beautiful sights, terrific weather, and excellent shopping. Well, in the shopping area they're visiting today, they got an added bonus. Not only is there excellent shopping, but there's plenty of wildlife too.

Take a look at the picture they just sent to me ...

Yes, that is a bear. An approximately 400-pound bear. And the poor guy has been stuck up in that tree since about 6:00 this morning. Right in the middle of downtown Aspen. I wonder what it would take to get that kind of wildlife here in the Habersham Marketplace.


Awesome Decor Idea

Thanks to Claire Ann Ketchum for this photo she sent to us! She recently bought these great pear candles (only $5 each) and this lovely glass bowl at our shop. Look how beautifully she arranged them with shells on the table in front of her fireplace. What a great coastal feel!

We love it when our customers let us know how they've integrated our merchandise into their decor and entertaining. And we love hearing about positive gift-giving experiences. So please keep your ideas, stories, and pictures coming! We'll try to post them all on the blog!

Thanks again, Claire Ann!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day of our 20% off sale. And please remember to stop by M this evening to welcome them to the Marketplace (and to enjoy 30% off their lovely items)!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall sneak preview

Sorry for the absence here on the blog lately. We've been quite busy. We barely caught our breaths after July Market before merchandise starting arriving, and then we were off to summer vacations (Allegra in Myrtle Beach last week, and Cheryl in Aspen this week).

We're in the final week of our Annual Summer sale, so if you haven't stopped in yet to take advantage of our shop-wide 20% off, please make sure you do before Sunday.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo we shot for a fall ad. It contains some great previews of the great stuff we've got lined up for this Autumn. Starting next week, you'll be able to see all these goodies in the shop.
Have a great week, ya'll. Don't forget to stop in to see Allegra and Allen(our fabulous little salesman) and to take advantage of the last week of our 20% off sale. And make sure you come by M Friday night to celebrate the grand opening of their Habersham Marketplace store!

P.S. If anyone knows how to fold up one of these, please come and help us. We'll give you a Bloomsberry chocolate bar. Seriously!