Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shopgirls Picks of the Week

Cheryl's Pick of the Week: Paddywax Candles

We love Paddywax candles. They smell delicious; they're colors are vibrant; they burn beautifully. However, after carrying them in our shop since our opening, we have decided to liquidate our inventory. But that's good news for you because it means that we're offering our Paddywax candles at 50% off! Stop in and check out our selection of yummy candle goodness.

Allegra's Pick of the Week: Jewelry

Jewelry at 30% off. Need I say more? Hurry and check out our selection of awesome jewelry on sale until the end of this week only. We love our jewelry, and think it's all fabulous ... but we bought more jewelry at market and need to make room. So help us out, OK?


Friday, January 15, 2010

Shopgirls Picks of the Week

Cheryl's Pick: John Derian

Cheryl's pick this week is John Derian. Actually, Cheryl's pick every week is John Derian. Both of us love his decoupage plates and paperweights. And, since the entire shop is 20% off right now, it would be a great time to start your collection.

John Derian is a New York artist whose popularity has been growing at a rapid pace for the past several years. He's an avid collector of antique prints, ledgers, and letters. He hand-paints borders and patterns and combines these elements into collages which are then reprinted and pieced together under in layers under glass.

Look for his work in many decorating magazines, and see the real deal right here in your very own Joli.

Allegra's Pick: Aquiesse

One of the most luxurious portfolios of fine home fragrances found anywhere. OK. That's what the brochure says. What I say is that I am totally in love with these candles (completely smitten). The sophisticated glass containers work in any decor, and the scents are just fabulous.

Made with organic soybean oil and lead-free wicks, these candles come in fragrances like Pacific Lime Blossom, Luxe Linen, Timber, Mandarin Tea, and Grapefruit Spearmint (plus another one called Rioja, but the name doesn't do justice to the lush scent).

We'll be burning the testers all week long. Come smell them and choose your favorite!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Noodle & Boo Voted Best Body Lotion by

(click for full size)

That's right -- Noodle & Boo's Super Soft Baby Lotion was voted a Babble Best in the baby lotion category. And we have to agree. The scent is heavenly, and the lotion is nourishing and quenching without being greasy. Plus, it's made especially for babies with sensitive skin and it's organic!

Stop in to check out our selection of Noodle & Boo products, or their grown-up line, Glowology!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home again home again ...

jiggity jig. Or something like that. Anyway, the shopgirls are home from market, after a jam-packed 4 1/2 days! On our way home, we discussed the highlights from Market this time around (aside from the ones we already posted about), and we thought we'd share. So here's a list (in no particular order) of our faves:
  • Choosing awesome bright colors for the Spring season (think turquoise, orange, and yellow).
  • Successfully pulling off a ten-hour day (walking for 90% of it). We have our trainer at Earth Fit to thank for that!
  • Finding some awesome new products for the not-so-secret garden (we officially have a working door to the courtyard).
  • Getting our picture taken with Emilie Sloan founder and designer, Lisa Murphy, so she could feature us on her blog (we're not on there yet, but believe me, we'll let you know when we are)!!
  • Buying from 16 new vendors and 16 tried-and-true favorites.
  • Purchasing items for our soon-to-be-revealed new category (it's gonna be awesome, ladies).
  • Finding -- and ordering from -- that great gourmet vendor Jane Werner told us about (we got to meet the owners, who are from Savannah, and hear their charming back story).
  • Hearing from several of our vendors that this was their best show ever, and that retailers were at Market and buying. Could it be that the economy is on its way to an upswing (let's hope)?
  • Watching Mom try on a "designer" showercap. I took a picture, but she threatened to write me out of her will if I posted it, and I'm holding out for her jewelry. Sorry guys.
  • Successfully navigating the three enormous (seriously gigantic, ya'll) buildings, even though Mom was constantly disoriented (if I wasn't with her, I swear she'd still be wandering around aimlessly).
  • Eating at McCormick & Schmick's and having the best steak ever. We enjoyed the meal so much, we went back the next night (we ate something different), and the staff greeted us like we were old friends.
  • Making really awesome jewelry at Art by Amy just for ya'll!
  • Getting to do something for 4 1/2 days that let us keep our fabulous customers and friends on our minds the whole time!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Market Highlights So Far

Well, Hot'Lanta it is not -- we're freezing our butts off here (temperatures in the 20s with wind chills making it feel much colder), but we're having a blast!

We've done a ton (TON) of shopping so far, and we still have a day and a half left! We saw some great hats that I thought we should bring into the shop, but Mom shot me down ....

We went to one of our favorite jewelry vendors and had some really awesome necklaces made for ya'll. Mom tried them on ... Do you think it's too much?

But the most exciting thing so far has been shopping for some new product categories ... here are a couple pictures as hints. Care to take a guess?

Hope to post more soon!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot 'lanta

(photo found here)

So we're off to Alanta tomorrow morning (where, incidentally, it's snowing right now) to go to Market! For the most part, we'll be warm inside the three buildings (each about 18-20 stories), since they have these great sky bridges (pictured above) connecting the three buildings.

Boy will we be busy, as we plan to visit over 100 vendors while we're there (not to mention those vendors who catch our eye as we walk the floors). Some of those are existing product lines (like Emilie Sloan, Napa Home & Garden, and Classic Hardware), but many are brand new to us. We're exploring lots of new vendors so we can bring in some awesome new products to the shop.

We'll be blogging from the road (taking lots of pictures of the shopgirls being ... well, shopgirl-ish), and we'd love to hear from you while we're gone. So tell us, what's on your Joli wishlist? What would you like to see us carry in the shop?