Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Truly Honored

We shopgirls just got the shock of our lives. We won "Best Gift Shop" in the Beaufort Gazette's Reader's Choice Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted. This award means so much, and we are truly honored to receive it.

It gets better though ... almost every business in our beautiful Habersham Marketplace won their nominated categories. Unfortunately, we don't have all the details yet, but as soon as we do, we'll post a full list of the winners in our Marketplace.

Congratulations to all, and thank you again for your support!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Follow the footprints

So, have we told ya'll about our awesome neighbors upstairs? They're the best neighbors ever! They bring us goodies all the time (like homemade chocolate cake and macaroons  -- YUM). They come and chat with us when it's quiet. They have even covered the shop for us a few times.

Well, today, they took their awesomeness to a whole new level. Inspired by the uber-talented street artist, Katie Sokoler, they decided to draw footprints leading to the shop, in honor of our inaugural "First Friday" event.

Take a look ...

And you should see the hopscotch board (is that the right term) they set up for the kids. Funnest.One. Ever.

Aren't these girls awesome? The whole family totally rocks!


Reader's Choice!

Today began like every other morning for me at the shop ... until I received an email with this subject line:
Congratulations Readers Choice Nominee!

Imagine my excitement when I opened the email and read that Joli has been nominated for the Best Gift Shop in the Beaufort Gazette Readers Choice Awards! We are honored and touched that someone nominated us. 

Now we just need to win. That's where ya'll come in. Please please please, head on over to the voting site, and vote for us. And while you're at it, please vote for the other great businesses here in the Habersham Marketplace, as well as around Beaufort. You can vote once a day until May 17th.

Thank you to the person who nominated us. And we are so proud to be in the Habersham Marketplace, where almost every other business has been nominated as well. We wish all the nominees the best!