Saturday, May 30, 2009

Glowology Featured in Allure Magazine

The May issue of Allure magazine featured our awesome personal care product line, Glowology. Of the Opulent Body Butter, they said, "We love the rich, fast-absorbing texture of this cream -- and the fact that we don't have to dig into a tub to get to it."
Stop in to try it out, and to check out the rest of the lovely line.

Our Mascot

I had the pleasure of meeting the real live Joli today ... well Jolie Blonde (pretty blonde) to be exact. And she certainly is ...She was visiting the neighborhood today from Sun City (or beyond perhaps), but I think she should still be our mascot, don't you?

P.S. Joli is always pet friendly. With five dogs between the two of us, calling us dog lovers is putting it mildly.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Kiss

We wanted to send out a big kiss to all of you who supported our sidewalk sale this past weekend. It was an amazing success, despite the rain, heat, and humidity. Thank you so very much.

Since we still have some goodies left over, we decided to extend the sidewalk sale until the merchandise is gone. So stop on in when you can to check out all this merchandise ... discounted as much as 75% off original prices.


Crafty Idea

As some of you may know, we have some really talented friends who frequent our shop. And they're always happy to share their ideas with us ... and with all of you! So here's our latest great idea, coming from our dear young friend Hannah (she was also our face painter for the sidewalk sale).
She purchased two of these cute little wire hearts (for $.75 each), attached earring hooks to them, and gave them to her mom as a gift!

Her mom (Elena Madden)loves them! Since her Mom's hair is similar in coloring to the hearts, she may paint them silver so they stand out a little bit more. Such an awesome idea, don't you think? Altogether this gift cost less than $5, but the smile on Mom's face is priceless (it's like a MasterCard commercial).


Friday, May 15, 2009

Sparkly Happy Sidewalk Sale

The Sparkly Happy Sidewalk Sale got off to its official start this morning ... which was neither sparkly nor happy. At least not outside ... But thanks to our our friends "the girls," we were able to get in a fun sparkly mood anyway, and finish getting our sale set up (and thanks to M & J who loaned us the tent and set it up for us)!

Pictured above is Hannah, our official face painter. She will be here tomorrow afternoon to paint faces (or arms). And below is Ale who is our official glitter girl (glittering up Allegra's hair). She'll be here tomorrow afternoon to glitter-up anyone who is interested ...

The final product:
Come out to see all of our awesome sale stuff and to see us all sparkly and pretty. And to get sparkly and pretty yourselves!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Awesome Entertaining Idea

Our lovely friend J came into our shop the other day to purchase these shells:
because she had a wonderful idea for them for a dinner party she's throwing. She purchased I think 10 of them (terrible memory, I apologize) to use as a type of "place card." But she's putting a little twist on it ...

She's going to put one of each type of shell at each place setting on her table. Then she's going to have each guest pull the name of a shell out of a bowl. So, someone pulls "Sand dollar" out of the bowl, and then finds a sand dollar on the table and sits there. How awesome is that??

Thanks, J for sharing such a wonderful entertaining idea! Oh, and by the way, those shells are only $2.50 each, so they're a great price too!


Courtyard Preview!

Talk about a preview ... these photos are of our new courtyard items as they're coming out of the crate (we were super excited because we've never unloaded a crate before!)

We promise that when you come to see our lovely courtyard it will look waaaay better than this, but we wanted to give you a glimpse of these beautiful new items as soon as we could.
Hope you'll stop in to see it all in person soon!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Playhouse Palooza 2009

Allen is modeling the lovely Playhouse Palooza shirt that is available now ... for $10 each. Buy online or stop into the shop to place your order. We'll gladly take down your size and your donation and arrange for you to get your shirt. Youth and adult sizes available (obviously our model is wearing an adult-sized shirt).

And, don't miss the Playhouse Palooza event in Habersham on May 16th. You'll get to see the five awesome playhouses (glimpses offered below), and even place a bid on one if you'd like. It's an event not to be missed (oh, and the one we helped out with is the Pirate Ship ... can you guess which picture it is?).
This fundraiser is in support of Riverview Charter School. Visit their site for more information.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thanks so much!

Thanks to everyone who came by this afternoon and supported our Lowcountry Produce Tasting. And thank you to Noel for the delicious food. We had a great time!

And because we're such dog fans, we had to share a picture of Percy, Noel's nine-month-old Great Dane. He was very thirsty after walking around Habersham for about two hours!
Thanks again, everybody!