Sunday, May 10, 2009

Awesome Entertaining Idea

Our lovely friend J came into our shop the other day to purchase these shells:
because she had a wonderful idea for them for a dinner party she's throwing. She purchased I think 10 of them (terrible memory, I apologize) to use as a type of "place card." But she's putting a little twist on it ...

She's going to put one of each type of shell at each place setting on her table. Then she's going to have each guest pull the name of a shell out of a bowl. So, someone pulls "Sand dollar" out of the bowl, and then finds a sand dollar on the table and sits there. How awesome is that??

Thanks, J for sharing such a wonderful entertaining idea! Oh, and by the way, those shells are only $2.50 each, so they're a great price too!



  1. Thanks for the shout out! Everyone loved their shells. Since we gave them as the party favor, I'll have to come back to get some more for us to keep!!

  2. Very cool idea! I wonder how I may be able to adapt. I guess I'd have to plan a dinner party first, huh?