Friday, June 12, 2009

The end of an era

OK, well not really an era, but still. We've carried Juliska glassware for almost two years now. In large part because Allegra fell in love with it years ago. It's beautiful and looks so delicate (but is actually sturdy enough to go in your dishwasher).

Sadly, though, we've decided to close out our in-stock glassware. Not because we don't love it anymore. Not because we don't sell it. But because we have a slight storage problem. These are all of our Juliska boxes that we keep on hand for the glassware.
Faced with the decision of either keeping all these boxes or bringing in new merchandise for ya'll, we decided to say goodbye to the glassware. To help it move a little more quickly, we're offering it at 20% off! And remember that we ship anywhere in the U.S. (and you needn't worry about breakage since we have all these boxes)!
Please note that we will continue to carry the ceramics, and can also order any item in the Juliska catalog.
Happy weekend!

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