Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wondrous Wednesday

We shopgirls are pretty busy. With one of us being a full-time Mama plus Shopgirl and the other one being a Nana and Shopgirl, we're pretty much never available to visit our favorite shops during business hours. And gettting our hair done ... you should see the juggling act it takes to fit that in!

So as we were heading up to Pennsylvania recently for a last-minute/emergency visit, we started discussing how we feel bad for the many others in the same boat as us. How do they get their shopping done? Especially at this time of year?

And that's how we came up with Wondrous Wednesday. We're going to stay open until 7:00 tonight to give all of you busy ladies (and men) a chance to shop your favorite (c'mon, you know we're at least in your top 10 .... right??) local shop without being in a rush.

Courtesy of WeHeartIt
Leave the kids at home (properly supervised, of course), and head on over. Have a glass of wine. Try some delicious goodies from Dr. Pete's. Let us show you around the shop and help you out with your gift-giving needs. We've got a variety of gifts in a variety of price ranges. Plus, we've got a number of items on sale ... up to 75% off! How can you pass that up?

And if you can't leave the kids at home, bring 'em! We'll keep them entertained so you can look around.

If ya'll like this, we'll keep it going for the next few weeks. So please stop by tonight. We hate to drink alone ;)


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