Thursday, January 27, 2011

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We regularly read magazines and peruse catalogs to see if any of the products we carry are featured in them. Recently we've come across a number of catalogs that carry the lovely dainty flutes & glasses that we recently carried. And they all have a way bigger price tag on them than we do.

But we just came across a catalog the other day that takes the cake in over-the-top pricing. I will not tell you who it is, but I will show you a snapshot from their website.
(click picture to enlarge)
Do you recognize those decanters? We currently have the White Wine decanter on display here at the shop (we sold the Red Wine). Now do you see the price this website has for it? That's right you read it correctly, $94. Guess how much we're selling it for .... $29!

Now ours doesn't come in a fancy wooden crate like the one above does, if you buy it here, we will wrap it a nice Joli bag with pretty tissue and ribbon. And we won't charge you for that. And ours is $29 not $94 (plus shipping).

Just another reason to shop locally, right?


 PS Our Semi-Annual Sale is almost over. Stop in this week to save 20-75%!

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