Sunday, April 5, 2009

Great gifts under $5

How exciting ... we just got our first reader question! KMag asks:
"I'm in need of ideas for a small give-away for my upcoming Kentucky Derby Day Cocktail Party. I'll need 5 bags of about $5-6 each. Any ideas?"
Confession: KMag is Cheryl's older daughter (and Allegra's big sister). But, we don't care. It's still a reader question -- and a darn good one at that -- so we're going to answer it!
Take a look at these lovely items ... descriptions and prices will be offered below.
1. Punch Studio pocket/purse notepads ($3.95 + tax). These little gems are awesome because the magnetic closure and fold-over cover prevent the pages from getting torn or wrinkled. On top of that, they're adorable. We carry several collections including Le Petit Village -- an assortment of 12 shops, gardens, houses, and restaurants (like the one pictured here).
2. Ballmania "Around the World in 80 Days" Lip Balm ($2.95+ tax). Have you ever seen a cuter lip balm? Featuring SPF 20 and a mild vanilla cream flavor, Ballmania is loved by all (it's been featured in numerous magazines from InStyle to Oprah). Plus it contains twice as much lip balm as a stick. With eight different styles, you can get one for each of your give-aways plus one or two for yourself!
3. Natural Life Token Key Chains ($5.00 + tax). These are probably the cutest key chains we have ever seen for anywhere near this price (Allegra has one). Featuring various shapes and sayings (like an owl that says, "Listen to Your Heart" or a flower that says "Live Love Laugh"), you could a different one for each bag.
4. Jeremie Hanging Wire Heart Vase ($5.00 + tax). Quite possibly the most wonderful thing we have ever carried for this price. If you think it's cute in the photo, wait until you see it in real life. One of our customers hung it on her back door, and it looks fantastic (how awesome would it be to have fresh flowers welcoming you at your door every single day?). This is a fabulous gift for just about anyone.
5. Natural Life Compact Brush Mirror ($5.00 + tax). Another fabulous item for your purse. Girls from age 8 to 80 find this sweet little brush/mirror a must have. Once again, this items comes in a variety of styles/quotes, so you could pick out a different one for each bag.

We hope these suggestions provide you with some great ideas for your Derby Day party, KMag. And since you're family, we'll be looking forward to your order soon (you know where to find us).

If any of you other dear readers have additional inquiries about the products featured above, please send us an email to allegra(at)jolihomeandevents(dot)com. Or, if you're one of our sweet local friends, please stop in and see us!


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  1. I really thought I'd already posted a thank you and a comment. Brain sneeze, I suppose

    Anyway, Thank you. These are great ideas and a I appreciate all the pictures, too. I have some ideas knocking around. I'll be in touch.

    New question (and blog fodder)...What types and scents of candle do your carry? There will be a "grand" prize at my shin dig, and I think all of my friends would like a candle.