Friday, February 5, 2010

Shopgirls Picks of the Week

 How are you doing on this dreary afternoon, friends? Despite the miserable weather, I'm having a delightful time in the shop ... for two reasons:
1) While it's been fairly quiet, some loyal customers have traveled here, braving the torrential rain,  just to visit our "wonderful shop." How sweet!
2) New shipments arrived today! Much of the morning was spent unpacking new lovelies and arranging them around the shop. Don't you want to stop in and visit?

Not to leave you in too much suspense, we shopgirls have each picked one of our new items to feature in this week's edition of our "Pick of the Week." So without further ado ...

Cheryl's Pick of the Week: Goody Goody
We have been admirers of the whimsical Goody Goody purses, jewelry rolls, and wallets for some time now. And at January's show, we decided that we were completely smitten and could resist them no longer. These wonderful woven silk accessories both feel and look luxurious. Not to mention making the proud owner feel sophisticated and divine. Imagine spicing up date night with one of the purses; wrapping your jewelry like a little gift in one of the jewelry rolls, or pulling out one of the fabulous wallets during your next outing.We hope you're just as smitten with these wonderful little gems as we are.

Allegra's Pick: M.Bellish'd Watches
These watches by M.Bellish'd totally made us swoon. Why, you ask? Because they rock! And they're interchangeable, versatile, and totally chic! You start buy purchasing one of the watches that comes with a solid cuff. Then, you can add a variety of printed cuffs by just snapping the watch to it. How awesome is that?! Since the cuffs are cotton, they're totally comfortable, and washable to boot. Have you ever seen such an awesome watch? Come in soon and try them on!

Well, that wraps up our Pick of the Week post. Tell me, friends, which one is your favorite? What would you like to see us feature on future picks?

Have a rockin' Super Bowl Sunday, all. Be safe!


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