Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shopgirls Picks of the Week

Cheryl's Pick of the Week: Paddywax Candles

We love Paddywax candles. They smell delicious; they're colors are vibrant; they burn beautifully. However, after carrying them in our shop since our opening, we have decided to liquidate our inventory. But that's good news for you because it means that we're offering our Paddywax candles at 50% off! Stop in and check out our selection of yummy candle goodness.

Allegra's Pick of the Week: Jewelry

Jewelry at 30% off. Need I say more? Hurry and check out our selection of awesome jewelry on sale until the end of this week only. We love our jewelry, and think it's all fabulous ... but we bought more jewelry at market and need to make room. So help us out, OK?


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