Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot 'lanta

(photo found here)

So we're off to Alanta tomorrow morning (where, incidentally, it's snowing right now) to go to Market! For the most part, we'll be warm inside the three buildings (each about 18-20 stories), since they have these great sky bridges (pictured above) connecting the three buildings.

Boy will we be busy, as we plan to visit over 100 vendors while we're there (not to mention those vendors who catch our eye as we walk the floors). Some of those are existing product lines (like Emilie Sloan, Napa Home & Garden, and Classic Hardware), but many are brand new to us. We're exploring lots of new vendors so we can bring in some awesome new products to the shop.

We'll be blogging from the road (taking lots of pictures of the shopgirls being ... well, shopgirl-ish), and we'd love to hear from you while we're gone. So tell us, what's on your Joli wishlist? What would you like to see us carry in the shop?


1 comment:

  1. Bathroom hardware. You know, towel bars and such.